Pursuant to the Article 16, paragraph 3 of JBS’s by-laws, the Company’s Board of Directors consists of nine members: one president, one vice president, five permanent directors without a specific title and two permanent independent directors. During periods of absence or temporary unavailability of the president, the president’s activities will be performed by another member of the Board of Directors, previously appointed by the president.

The Company’s Board of Directors is the decision-making body responsible for, among other matters, establishing policies and guidelines for its business. The Board of Directors also supervises its board of executive officers and monitors their implementation of the policies and guidelines that are established from time to time by the Board of Directors.  Pursuant to Brazilian Corporation Law, the Board of Directors is also responsible for hiring its independent auditors.

The members of JBS’s Board of Directors are elected at general shareholders’ meetings for terms of two years, and are eligible for reelection. The members of JBS’s Board of Directors are subject to removal at any time, with or without cause, at a general shareholders’ meeting. The Company do not elect alternate members of the Board of Directors. According to the Brazilian Corporation Law, each of the members of JBS’s Board of Directors must hold at least one of our shares.

The Board of Directors meets at least once in each fiscal quarter and at any time when an extraordinary meeting is called by the president or by any other member.  Decisions of the Board of Directors are taken by majority vote.

Except when indicated differently, the commercial address of each member is Av. Marginal Direita do Tiête, #500, Vila Jaguara, CEP 05118-100, São Paulo, SP. Mr. José Batista Sobrinho is the father of Mr. Joesley Mendonça Batista and Mr. Wesley Mendonça Batista. Mr. José Batista Sobrinho, Mr. Joesley Mendonça Batista and Mr. Wesley Mendonça Batista are controlling shareholders of the Company.

Directors Position Date of Election Term of Office
Joesley Mendonça Batista President 04/30/2015 ASM 2017
Wesley Mendonça Batista Vice President 04/30/2015 ASM 2017
José Batista Sobrinho Member 04/30/2015 ASM 2017
Humberto Junqueira de Farias Member 04/30/2015 ASM 2017
Tarek Mohamed Noshy Nasr Mohamed Farahat Member 04/30/2015 ASM 2017
Claudia Silva Araujo de Azeredo Santos Member 08/30/2016 ASM 2017
Maurício Luís Luchetti Member 12/09/2016 ASM 2017
Sérgio Roberto Waldrich* Member 08/10/2016 ASM 2017
Norberto Fatio* Member 02/08/2017 ASM 2017

*Independent member.

Joesley Mendonça Batista: current Chairman of JBS, has more thant 20 years of experience in beef production. Joesley Batista works for JBS Group since 1988 and is one of the sons of José Batista Sobrinho, founder of JBS Group. Joesley is also CEO of J&F Investimentos S.A., holding of JBS Group.

Wesley Mendonça Batista: current CEO of JBS and Vice-President of the Board, has more than 20 years of experience in beef production, working for JBS since 1988. He is also son of José Batista Sobrinho.

José Batista Sobrinho: member of the Board, is the founder of JBS Group. José Batista has more than 50 years of experience in beef production. 

Humberto Junqueira de Farias: graduated in Civil Engineering and Business Administration from Universidade Mackenzie. He took specialization courses in FGV, USP and IMD (Switzerland). Has an extensive experience in executive performance in industrial and service companies, having led large companies in Brazil and abroad. He was CEO at the companies Renuka of Brazil S.A., Camargo Correa S.A. Cement, CAVO and Sanitation Services S.A., and Loma Negra CIASA, Argentina. In addition, he was Member of the Board of Loma Negra CIASA, Essencis S.A. Environmental Solutions, Environmental LOGA Logistics S.A. Today, Humberto is CEO at Âmbar Energia, an energy company of J&F Investments S.A.

Tarek Mohamed Nasr Mohamed Farahat Noshy: current Global JBS' Marketing President and Global President of the Marketing & Innovation Management Team for JBS worldwide, Tarek was President of P&G in Latin America and president of global channel Cash & Carry. Tarek worked at P&G for over 26 years and during this time had numerous accomplishments in his career, playing local, regional and global functions, such as in Switzerland, France, Germany, Venezuela and Brazil. Tarek Farahat is recognized by his leadership and outstanding achievements.

Claudia Silva Araujo de Azeredo Santos: lawyer graduated from Faculdade de Direito Candido Mendes, took different specialization courses, including the Stanford Executive Program 2003, at the School of Business (Stanford University), California. Specialized in the societary area and the capitals market, focused in M&A in Brazil and abroad, and operations in the capital market, through the emission of shares (public offerings (IPO) and private). Claudia worked as Juridical Officer of public companies in Brazil from different segments. Also, she advised the buying and selling of a row of companies, including the privatization of Companhia Vale do Rio Doce (Vale). Mrs. Azeredo was a member of the Board of Directors of Itá S.A.; Tele-Norte Celular Participações S.A.; Light S.A. and Metropolitana S.A. She is the co-founder of Azeredo Santos & Cirne Lima Lawyers, a law office specialized in societary operations and capitals market.

Maurício Luís Luchetti: graduated in Business Administration from Pontifícia Universidade Católica, Maurício took specialization in Finance and HR at IAG-PUC/RJ and Administration at University of Virginia (DARDEN) and INSEAD. He worked for 18 years at Brahma/Ambev, occupying different positions, such as Regional Officer of Operations for 5 years, responding for the Production, Sales and Distribution areas, and as Corporate Officer of People and Management for 5 years. From 2003 to 2006 he worked for Grupo Votorantim as Officer of Organizational Development at the Holding VPAR and was the COO of Votorantim Cimentos Brasil for 2 years. In 2007, he took part in the process of acquisition, reestructuring and the IPO of Construtora Tenda and its subsequent acquisition by Gafisa. Today he is the Vice President of the Board of Directors of Estácio Participações S.A and member of the People and Governance Committee, as well as member of the Consultive Board of Stefanini IT Solutions and Stone/Elavon. He was member of the Board of a large number of public companies, such as Taesa, Tempo Assist, Tenda/Gafisa, Mangels and Nutriplant. He is an associate of Galícia Investimentos since 2007.

Sérgio Roberto Waldrich: graduated in Chemical engineering, Sérgio took specialization in Business Administration. He began his professional career working in the technical, industrial and management, control and investments area, taking charge of roles such as Industrial Officer, Business Officer, Vice-President and President of Bunge Alimentos. Moreover, Sérgio was the president of the Brazilian Association of the Pork Meat Industry, vice-president of the Brazilian Association of the Poultry Exporters, of the Brazilian Association of Aviculture and the Officer of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry Brazil-Germany.

Norberto Fatio: graduated in Business Administration from Fundação Getúlio Vargas, Norberto took specialization in Commercial and Financial Management. In the last twelve years, he worked as an Independent member of the Board of Directors of Itagres Revestimentos Cerâmicos; JBS Foods SA; Total Alimentos S.A.; Grupo Maranhão; PanambraSul S.A.; K&S Alimentos S.A.; Inpar S.A.; Sabó Ind. e Com. de Autopeças Ltda. and Sadia S.A.. During thirty-nine years he made his career as an executive in multinational companies focused at the food products segment, such as Unilever, Danone, Bunge Alimentos, Kibon, Fleischmann Royal, Nabisco and Grupo Jerônimo Martins. He has experience in the areas of marketing, sales and logistics and in the last twenty years he has been working in senior roles in Brazil and Europe. Since 2002 he is an associate of Sotegen, an advisory company focused in strategic planning that gives support to its clients on the definition of strategies, implementation and management of its activities.

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