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Research indicates that Friboi brand has 21% preference at supermarkets
Research conducted by Supermercado Moderno magazine shows the Friboi brand with 21% share of supermarket preference in the whole
country. This year performance represents a growth of 2.1 percentage points compared to last year, when the brand preference were 18.9%.
The result of the research places Friboi as the most relevant brand in the Brazilian retail market and JBS as the main supplier of beef in Brazil.
The main characteristics of the Friboi meat were reinforced by the Company's communication strategy. From December last year to March 2012,
the marketing campaign "Miniastros Friboi" was on air and it was part of a strategy to build leading brands and value-added products and
services. In that occasion, all Friboi products were involved in the campaign (beef and hamburgers).
Source: Beef Point (07/24/2012)