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Brazilian Beef is Healthy
JBS communicates to the market that the news circulating regarding a person initially diagnosed with an illness known as CREUTZFELDT-JAKOB
DISEASE - CJD (or similar) in the State of Sao Paulo has no bearing or association whatsoever with the meat industry. It should be recorded that
this was an initial diagnosis and may prove to be unfounded.
CJD was discovered more than six decades ago and although very rare, exists in many parts of the world. A variant of CJD known as vCJD
was prevalent in Europe particularly in the UK during the last twenty years. vCJD has been associated with BSE (Bovine Spongiform
Encephalopathy) which in turn has been associated with livestock being fed certain feed of animal origin although no definitive scientific link has
been proven.
In Brazil, there has never been a case of BSE also known as "Mad Cow Disease" and according to the OIE (World Animal Health Organization), it
is highly unlikely that the disease will ever occur in the country due to the fact that livestock are fed strictly on a vegetable diet primarily on
pasture. The Brazilian Ministry for Agriculture has strict controls in place through the whole animal feed and meat processing chain which serves
as further assurance of the safety of the product.
São Paulo, November 18, 2010
Jeremiah O'Callaghan
Investor Relations Officer