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Process of acquisition of Swift & Co.
With regards to the recent published articles in relation to the acquisition of Swift & Co. by JBS S.A., the Company would like to inform the

The Company is participating in the process for the acquisition of Swift & Co., the North American company which operates in the beef and pork
industries. Up to this moment, there is no definition about the next steps related to the process, about the financing structure to be used for the
transaction, about the financial institutions that will participate in the operation, if the operation is concluded, nor about the amounts related to the

The Company will inform the market as soon as there are effective facts to be disclosed.

The Company would also like to clarify that the present communication is made as a sign of good faith and transparency, and that on May 4,
2007, a notice to the market was made available, which is hereby ratified.
São Paulo, May 10, 2007
Sérgio Longo
Director of Finance and Investor Relations

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