2014-09-30T19:37:00  - 3Q14 Earnings Release
2014-09-30T19:36:00  - 3Q14 Financial Statements
2014-07-28T07:05:00  - JBS Foods and Pilgrim’s Pride to acquire Tyson Foods Mexican and Brazilian Poultry Businesses
2014-07-14T18:23:00  - JBS Foods Acquires Assets from Céu Azul
2014-06-30T16:47:00  - Conference Call 2Q14
2014-06-24T18:29:00  - Payment of Massa Leve
2014-06-16T17:40:00  - Granting of Registration of the Public Tender Offer of Shares Issued by Excelsior Alimentos S.A.
2014-06-11T19:08:00  - US$ 750 million 5.875% Senior Notes Offering
2014-06-11T11:56:00  -  MINUTES OF THE BOARD OF DIRECTORS’ MEETING - To approve the issuance, by the Company’s subsidiaries, JBS USA, LLC and JBS USA Finance, Inc.
2014-06-04T11:24:00  - Material Fact - Termination of Tender Offer
2014-06-03T14:25:00  - Notice to the Market -Pilgrim’s Pride submitted a revised proposal to acquire Hillshire
2014-05-29T11:43:00  - Temporarily Withdrawing of the Senior Unsecured Notes
2014-05-27T08:24:00  - Material Fact - PPC
2014-04-30T17:46:00  - Call Notice - Annual and Extraordinary Shareholders Meeting
2014-04-30T10:55:00  - Call Notice A/ESM
2014-04-30T10:32:00  - A/ESM Management Proposal
2014-03-31T23:38:00  - Financial Statements 1Q14
2014-03-31T14:41:00  - 1Q14 Conference Call Transcription
2014-03-31T00:00:00  - Video JBS Day part 3
2014-03-31T00:00:00  - Video JBS Day part 2
2014-03-31T00:00:00  - Video JBS Day part 1
2014-03-30T23:40:00  - Earnings Release 1Q14

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